Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Photographer.



Danielle Chavarria Newbanks is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and twitch emote artist!


Originally from Greenwood, South Carolina, this now "Soda City" native works as a Creative Content Specialist for Engineering Design & Testing Corp. Danielle has an affection for multiple design mediums and is always eager to learn something new. Currently, she is taking online courses for Video Editing and Adobe After Effects, but she is open to broadening and finessing her design skills. Some of her interests include typography, photography, crafting, podcasting, music, sports, gardening, traveling, video games, and hiking. Her favorite genre of music is called Synthwave.


Danielle (nicknamed Dani) lives happily with her two very spoiled fur-children, a dog named Finn, and a cat named Jack, and her very sweet husband, Logan.


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Here's a great Synthwave Playlist!